Welcome to Blinkie wonderland

Let There Be Light N.C. has mastered a Christmas lighting technique that no other Christmas lighting company in eastern N.C. offers. Our one of a kind Blinkies are personally handcrafted by our magical blinkie elves in our Christmas Shop.

let's take a trip on Santa's Sleigh down Blinkie Wonderland.

We offer Blinkies in incandescent C7 Warm White bulbs.

Blinkies can be installed in medium sized lollipop canopy or Christmas shaped trees are most ideal. Examples would be Crepe Myrtles, Japanese Maples, Small Oak Trees, Evergreen Bushes & Trees.

The Blinkies look best in freshly cut, well-maintained, healthy and full trees or bushes.

Blinkie Growth Policy

We would like to remind our Blinkie Customers that as your trees and bushes grow, the amount of blinkies will grow as well. In turn, we will have to add blinkie bulbs to maintain the fullness so there are not any bare spots. We want our customer's home to look as elegant as possible.